Thomas Lohr Flashes Aamito Lagum & Ysaunny Brito In 'Street Smart' For Vogue Germany

Models Ysaunny Brito and Aamito Lagum are 'Street Smart', styled in Africa-inspired jewelry by Nicola Knels. Photographer Thomas Lohr is behind the lens for Vogue Germany April 2016./ Hair by Rita Marmor; makeup by Francelle Daly


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Special Collections: Save Our Elephants! & Woolly Mammoth Bone Jewelry & Decoupage Beads

NS212 Back To Africa Woolly Mammoth Androgynous Necklace w/Earrings


* Africa:  10 brass donuts, bone spacers

*Studio-made: featherweight woolly mammoth decoupage bead

* 6 woolly mammoth bone beads 10,000-100,000 years old.

* Feldspar, acai beads, bone, leather; antique gold brass HOPE charms and elephants for earrings; 11mm antique gold, stainless steel earwire.

Handcrafted in America; natural variations and minor substitutions for sizing apply

10% of necklace price supports Kibera (Nairobi) School for Girls and elephant conservation in Kenya


* Adjustable fullly-open 30"; ideally worn 20-26"

* Feldspar rectangles 3/4"x 5/8"; woolly mammoth decoupage bead 1" x 5/8". 

Earrings: 1 1/2"L top of wire to elephant

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B254 Woolly Mammoth Buri Nut Stretch Bracelet


* Africa: brass donuts, buri nuts, carved bone blk/brn

* 4 woolly mammoth bone beads, minimym 10,000 yeas old Siberia

* Antique gold brass brass beads, lava, feldspar

* Handcrafted in America; natural variations and minor substitutions for sizing apply

10% of necklace price supports Kibera (Nairobi) School for Girls and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya

Coordinates with necklace N212 and is included in 2 coaster gift set TCBWM9400 $70. Save $9.00. 


* P/S S/M, M/L. L/XL, XL/XXL

* Center feldspar 3/4" x 5/8"

Stretch Bracelet Sizing. Note the 1/2" variance is based on size of beads and inner measurement to stretch over wrist.

P/S 6" wrist

S/M 6.5" wrist

M/L 7" wrist

L/XL 7.5" wrist

XL/XXL 8" wrist

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