Anne Talks The Power of Small Earrings and Thai Massage

Mt. Airy Pop-Up Sept 2012

There was dancing in the street, right outside our Mt. Airy pop-up store last weekend. We had a fabulous time and sold A LOT of jewelry on Sunday. This is the intersection of Green and Carpenter, right next to the Weavers Way Coop.

My design assistant and GlamTribale jewelry maker Zuwena, pictured below with her mother-in-law Iman, persuaded me to make a group of small earrings — pierced and clip — that sold for $15. It was a huge hit and didn’t bastardize our sales of $150 bracelets for one minute.

I don’t intend to sell $15 earrings — and a new collection coming soon at $25 — unless they are a free gift or part of a deal. But as a pickup gift at craft fairs and pop-ups like ours last week in Mt. Airy, they are a wonderful small gift.

AND, I’m reminded that so many women don’t like big earrings. This reality check paves the way forward for a new collection of small earrings made of semi-precious stones, gold and silver.


The Powers of Thai Massage

On a side note, Iman is also my Thai-massage masseuse. She is coming today for my third 2-3 hr. treatment. I would like to say that it’s heavenly, but at the present her unwinding, stretching and walking all over me is a bit uncomfortable.

The second time was much less painful than the first and today will be even more wonderful. Last weekend, we both agreed that I was “letting go”. I’ve fought a very painful gym injury for the last year and more. My posture and skeleton work is totally repaired but there’s a lot of tight muscle work to release. That’s Iman’s job and we’re making great progress. 

My doctor is positively amused over the stretching exercises I’ve concocted while I’m working — leg up on a bookcase, as if it is a ballet barre — except that I’m sitting in a rolling chair at the same time pulling into a much wider stretch.

About Iman, I laughed and said she’s the only person in life to walk all over me and get away with it. When she first arrived with her balancing stick, I said “what are you doing with that????” All I could remember is my piano teacher who used to rap my knuckles with a rules, if she didn’t like my hand positioning.

Luckily Iman doesn’t use her balancing stick on me. There’s something incredibly wonderful about having a person totally devoted to you for such an extended period of 2-3 hrs. After this much time, you’re bound to stop fighting the idea of retaining control. LOL. Simply stated, Iman wears me out. ~ Anne