Goddesses Unite for Planned Parenthood & African Girls on the GlamTribale Express

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Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared. ~ Eddie Rickenbacker.

Eddie Rickenbacker was an American fighter ace in WWi, a race car driver an automative designer and longtime head of Eastern Airlines, which he bought from General Motors in 1934. His life was active, not passive.

We love his comment about courage, because women worldwide simply must summon our courage to stand together at this critical moment in history.

Are we afraid? Yes.

Any intelligent woman in America is afraid for the future of her daughters and granddaughters, if not her own being. The takedown of American women since the TeaParty came to power in 2010 borders on horrifying.

The Goddesses Are Coming!

Like Eddie Rickenbacker, our 12 GlamTribale goddesses also had courage, even under fire.

Their stories — including Lilith’s storming out of the Garden of Eden, refusing to submit to Adam as monotheism’s first wife — share a vision of womanhood very different from the “be a good girl; sit down and shut up, the guys will tell you what to do” thinking of most of monotheism.

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from “The Apple of my Eye” by Eleanor Hardwick

Eve was born to be compliant. The Smart Sensuality woman is not.

GlamTribale Is Fierce Refusal

GlamTribale is created to celebrate the intelligence, natural spirituality, power and connection of the goddesses — now called Harlot Babylons by the Christian right-wing, who fear living, breathing, Smart Sensuality goddesses very much.

GlamTribale is more than a new jewelry brand. It represents a fierce refusal to sit down and be quiet in our troubled world.

If you are a woman lacking courage, you can still support our fight to save Planned Parenthood in America, along with access to birth control among poor women, knowing that 5% of our revenues will go to Planned Parenthood. 

You can change the lives of young girls in Africa as we contribute another 5% of our revenues to buying sanitary napkins to keep those African girls in school.

Ayranna Strader vs Joe Pitts

We have special projects, too.

On July 22, I will be in Lancaster, Pa at the Food & Spirits Festival, unveiling the GlamTribale collection an hour from Philadelphia, in the gorgeous Lancaster countryside. 10% of our sales from the festival will go to support Aryanna Strader in her Congressional run against incumbent Joe Pitts, sponsor of HR358 the ‘Let Women Die’ bill.

Join Us | Be A Goddess

I share my favorite childhood story, one that has motivated me since I was a little girl. I first referenced this childhood story in September, 2009 at the height of my taking Anne of Carversville into the arena of international women’s rights.

Luckily, I was very inspired by ‘The Litle Engine That Could’ in my formative years. Decades later I saw myself as Tagny Taggart, riding a train across the Rio Norte Line on Rearden Steel.

While I love Dagny to death, I still struggle with any lack of compassion that appears in ‘Atlas Shrugged’. And now that the Tea Party has co-opted her, and I’m clear where women’s rights stand in that movement, Dagny is a personal guide to me, but not a public one.

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The Little Engine, written in 1906, is a girl, at first unsure of herself but finally challenged to take the birthday train over the mountain. Reel Girl asks if ‘The Little Engine That Could’ would even be published today? It’s so girl power in a commercial world that is focused on the appearances of girls, not their hearts and souls.

The Little Engine That Could

Welcome aboard the GlamTribale express, the little train that could. My entire life is involved in GlamTribale, everything that I stand for — values and objectives well known to Anne of Carversville readers.

We are at a now or never point in the development of women’s history, as the Vatican and other institutions moves against us to turn back the tide of women’s rights. The fight is on. Do you have the quiet courage to join us?

In your own determined way, you can be a goddess, too, while the boldest among us fight the good fight for women worldwide. It’s my personal hope that in time, you will consciously join me on the front lines of this fight. But if you will just please support GlamTribale by buying our jewelry, you will help fund this fight for women worldwide.

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Buy GlamTribale jewelry! ~ Anne