Our Jewelry Expresses the Eroticism of Nature & Beauty of Woman

Smart Sensuality Women Are Sensual, Smart, Spiritual with Heart and a Global Perspective AOC FP

Once in a blue moon, I find an extraordinary editorial that expresses the heart and soul of Anne of Carversville — and now GlamTribale, our new jewelry collection.

Bosung Kim’s images of Ji Hye Park for the June issue of Vogue Korea are spellbinding in their beauty, sensual provocation and connecting the dots of a Smart Sensuality woman’s perspective. We’re missing a slide on philanthropy, but I can easily fill in the empty space.

Fundamental to her identity is empathy and caring about the lives of others, as wearers of GlamTribale will support the world’s women through a 5% contribution to Planned Parenthood and also 5% to buy sanitary napkins for African girls attached to every purchase. 

In her heart the Smart Sensuality woman respects traditional values that do not put women in chains, including a strong appreciation for family, friendships and community. Her vision of life is romantic, positive and determined to be of service — and she does so without foresaking her essence as a woman who appreciates style and physicality. 

Styled by Seo Young Hui, this Bosung Kim editorial is a fabulous statement about my own values and beliefs, and a determination to fight the forces that destroy — rather than celebrate — learning, accomplishment and enlightenment among all people, everywhere in the world.

In our new GlamTribale jewelry colleciton, we share this love of nature and the world’s people. An interest in the eroticism of nature is front and center in fashion today, perhaps as a continuation of the complicated vision of femaleness, expressed by the talented but now dead designer Alexander McQueen.(Read GlamTribale Jewelry Captures Fall 2012 Botanica Erotica Trend.)

We will be open for business on Saturday night, July 15.

Please partner with us in the first 30 days of GlamTribale, where we offer a 30% discount for up to 30-day delivery. Hopefully we won’t need it, because we are ready to go and well stocked. But with about 250 pieces in the collection (priced $25 - $250), we will have many zigs and zags to organize the production with materials that come from every continent.

The average piece of GlamTribale jewelry touches three diverse parts of the globe, not counting being handcrafted in Philadalphia or the Northeast, depending on our success.

I beg of you a bit of indulgence, because startups are never easy. The cause and eessence of GlamTribale are truly worthy and I hope that you will join me in advancing this new business model — founded by brands like Edun — that defines success in the world of fashion. ~ Anne