Baubo, Goddess of Fantastic Jewelry, Smiles & Female, Regenerative Power

Honestly WTF asks “does it get any better than customizing a simple handbag with a brilliant floral print? However you create it, it’ll be satisfying to know that you’ve designed yourself a one of a kind bag!”

We love this idea, but honestly would try it out first on an old bag waiting to be reborn, before ruining anything new and expensive. Repurposing and recycling is such a positive gesture anyway for our planet. Honestly WTF shares seemingly failproof instructions to how to create this decoupage floral bag.

We will bring this same approach to our GlamTribale jewelry collection, using recycled, natural or hand-crafted elements whenever possible in our unique collections.

Enjoy a look at our Baubo Collection, celebrating the Greek belly goddess, who saved a dispirited Demeter from the despair of losing her daughter.

Demeter arrives at Eleusis to Baubo’s inn, utterly dispirited. Baubo dances in front of Demeter and tells her bawdy jokes trying to make her laugh again. Baubo lifts her skirt, bares her belly and flashes her lovely womanhood to Demeter.

As Demeter laughs, mirth breaks through Demeter’s despair; she soon resolves to resume her search for Persephone. Demeter’s laughter gives her the courage to seek and ultimately reclaim her daughter. As she does so, abundant life returns to Earth. 

Lifting her skirt and baring her belly, Baubo reveals female, regenerative power. Baubo demonstrates to Demeter the center they share, returning the goddess to her own center of being. Demeter sees Baubo’s belly, and she remembers who she is.  via Who is Baubo

Sweet Belly 

O Baubo,

Greek belly goddess

who laughed away Demeter’s despair,


you live without regret

your hips, your limbs, your belly

lead you —

look at me through nipple eyes

psychic eyes

that sense fear, anger, cold, noise

arousal —

speak to me

from the deep mine between your legs

that tells truth unadorned

unencumbered, sacred, sensual

that breathes full and long

and feels, feels, feels

sensations unknown —

tell your stories of the fertile earth

the muck of the psyche,

dirty jokes and belly laughs

that loose all control.

O Baubo

dirty, belly goddess

come laugh with me and be my love

and we shall

life’s pleasures know. 
 - a poem by Al DeGenova, 1997