Anne Discovers Jozi Maboneng Johannesburg's Artistry & Enlightenment

Watching this GlobalTribe video featuring Creative Visions’ Amy Eldon, I’m having a eureka moment about my own productivity and inability to officially launch my newsletter ‘Engage’.

STOP!!!!!, Anne. You don’t need to find new material for ‘Engage’. Your life and websites are overflowing with newsletter material. Stop this relentless pursuit of more perfection and mine the rich editorial landscape at your fingertips.

Just now I found this inspiring video above,  after posting this very chic editorial:

Ross Garrett Captures Artistic Chic in Jozi Maboneng for Elle South Africa January 2013

Because I’m never just a poster of materials blogger, I wanted to understand the meaning of ‘Jozi Maboneng’. After a quick search, off I went to this special district in Johannesburg — a place that is dedicated to peace, humanity, understanding and artistic creativity.

Maboneng Precinct - Place of Light

Consider this little adventure another digital safari. Now that my life is so absorbed with Dan Eldon’s, I’m employing a new search technique.  I found Kathy’s PBS video by searching Dan Eldon + South Africa. This weekend I pieced together amazing intersections in my writing and Dan’s life by assuming there was a connection and then searching for it.

I will reveal those intersections in ‘Engage’.

Given the richness of editorial soil that exists at AOC, I have NO reason not to launch our weekly ‘Engage’ Newsletter before the new year. Besides, I have three new writers starting — an investment that will hopefully free me from so much responsibility for the daily posts.

Subscribe now for ‘Engage’ and start off the new year with me, as GlamTribale and I conduct our own digital safari Dan Eldon style. ~ Anne