Tribal Polymer Clay Earrings Elegance Unite With Sleek Modern Fashion Looks

Shannikah Doherty Is Blushing Beauty By Bryan Rodner Carr For Factice Magazine October 2016


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GLAMTRIBALE loves the simple elegance of Shannikah Doherty's Factice Magazine editorial. One of our greatest successes is cross-pollinating tribal influences in jewelry and gifts for women who want to honor Africa as the home to humanity.  It was my search for lava beads that took me to Lake Turkana in East Africa several years ago, accidentally birthing a clear design vision for today's GLAMTRIBALE. 

Clean modern lines dominate dressing for work for many women. A simple pair of GLAMTRIBALE earrings bring a touch of tribal glam and femininity to otherwise tailored and often androgynous outfits. 

EP405 Polymer Clay Lava Post Earring


Studio-made: 2 rose-gold polymer clay beads

* Africa: bone rondelle

* Black lava

* Antique gold-plated pewter stainless steel post

Handcrafted in America; natural variations and minor substitutions for sizing apply

* 10% of retail price supports Kibera (Nairobi) School for Girls and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya


* 1.75" L top post

* 3/8" D polymer clay bead

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Kristian Schuller Snaps Elephant Beauty With Valerija Kelava For Conde Nast Traveller UK March 2016

Photographer Kristian Schuller captures the March cover of Conde Nast Traveller UK, snapping model Valerija Kelava, styled by Peggy Schuller. Don't panic. This beloved elephant has to be a photoshop trick, although elephants are painted in India. 

Having a flashback now, I remember writing about the street artist Banksy painting the elephant Tai -- featured in the Reece Witherspoon movie 'Water for Elephants' -- for a LA art show called 'Barely Legal'. The show's focus was global poverty and Banksy spray painted Tai to support the show's main message: 'There's an elephant in the room. There's a problem we never talk about."

Although the paint was nontoxic, PETA protested and the head of the Los Angeles Animal Service Department promised "never again . . . Permits will not be issued for such frivolous abuse of animals in the future. 

Much progress has been made on the topic of circus animals in America. Read Ringling Elephants Head for Early Retirement In Florida As Key Subjects for Cancer Research on our AOC GLAMTRIBALE Blog. 

Let's stay authentic with this beautiful GLAMTRIBALE Dancing African Ladies Elephant Shell Necklace. 

N660 Dancing African Ladies Elephant Shell Necklace


 Studio-made: 1 pale blue-gold polymer clay bead, 1 dancing African ladies decoupage bead

* 2 elephant photo on shell Philippines, glued together front & back

* Antique gold designer chain, toggle clasp

Handcrafted in America; natural variations and minor substitutions for sizing apply

10% of necklace price supports Kibera (Nairobi) School for Girls and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya


* 24" L, plus medallion

* Medallion 4" inc. jump ring 

* Elephant shell square 1 3/8" x 1 3/8", glued together front & back

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