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In America: Decline of the Working Man

HopeTracker| The Economist reports that among the Group of Seven economies (US, Japan, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Canada), America has the lowest share of ‘prime age’ males in work. Today just over 80% of those aged 25-54 have a job. In the late 1960s 95% were employed.

This decline in employment is most pronounced among the less educated and blacks.

If you adjust official data to include men in prison or the armed forces (who are left out of the raw numbers), around 35% of 25- to 54-year-old men with no high-school diploma have no job, up from around 10% in the 1960s. Of those who finished high school but did not go to college, the fraction without work has climbed from below 5% in the 1960s to almost 25% (see chart 2). Among blacks, more than 30% overall and almost 70% of high-school dropouts have no job.

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Republicans in Louisiana Will Jail Women for 15 Years Over Abortion

RedTracker| The Republican War on Women has rolled into Louisiana with a new law that will redefine abortion as ‘feticide’ and jail women for 15 years for having a Supreme Court right to abortion. Unapologetically ‘pro-life’ lawmaker Republican state Rep. John LaBruzzo has introduced a bill that would not only ban all abortions in his state — with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother — charging the mother with ‘feticide’ and jailing her for 15 years with hard labor.

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Politicos Admit the Federal Shutdown Is All About Planned Parenthood

House Speaker John Boehner & Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid discuss looming federal shutdown.RedTracker| The looming shutdown of America’s federal government, now hours away, is all about defunding Planned Parenthood. House Speaker John Boehner & Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke to reporters without taking questions, admitting that the problem is defunding Planned Parenthood.

Speaker Boehner has asked President Obama to sign a one-week spending bill to keep the government running, writes USA Today.

“This is the responsible thing to do,” said Boehner, R-Ohio, without taking questions from reporters.

Reid spoke next saying: ‘it is ‘shameful’ that Republicans are trying to move ‘an extreme social agenda’ that will ‘throw women under a bus even if it means it will shut down the government.’


Schlafly Parental Leave Fact Check: US 1 of 3 Countries Having No Parental Leave

RedTracker | Phyllis Schlaflay has a new book coming out ‘The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know - And Men Can’t Say’. As always Schlafly will blame feminism for everything that is wrong with America. She launched her red-aimed rocket yesterday in a Beverly Willet interview published on HuffPo called ‘Feminists Love Divorce!’

We have never ever underestimated Phyllis Schlafly, who will issue a call for American women to kick feminists in the butt once and for all. Schlafly’s coauthor Suzanne Venker lump all feminists into one garbage can writing that we love divorce and complain all the time about women’s rights.

I have a long record of telling American women that we should suck it in and be true grit women, but my kind of feminism doesn’t fit in Schlafly’s playbook. There is only one kind of feminist and she is pure evil.

Suzanne: ‘Flipside’ takes a positive view of women and their role in society as wives, mothers, career women and volunteers in the community. It’s the antithesis of the average feminist book in which the author kvetches about how bad American women have it. How is that helpful?

Phyllis: It is self evident that American women are the most fortunate women who ever lived and enjoy more freedoms and opportunities than are available in any other country. Armed with the right attitude, they have every opportunity for happiness and achievement. Women should stop feeling they are victims of the patriarchy, reject feminist myths, and follow the roadmap to success and happiness spelled out in ‘Flipside.’

We will debate Schlafly’s assertions with facts and not emotion. When Schlafly writes that it is ‘self evident’ that American have more rights than any women in the world, we prefer to check the fact book.

In the coming weeks we will compare American women to other women in the world. With all their expressed concern for family and children, Conservatives would never support a parental leave policy for American women.

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Dump Your Wings | Run Fast From Tea Party Exorcists and the Bible Brigade

Will Carine Roitfeld Use Candice Swanepoel For An Angels Shootout in Vogue Paris? Sensually Yours

I wrote in my Sensually Yours column this morning that if I had a young daughter, I would begin working to get her dual citizenship. Simply stated, I am terrified for the future of our young women, not just because of losing our reproductive rights but because of a strong evangelical movement to make men the boss again in America.

The women of America will be split into two camps in the coming years: the Mama Grizzlies and the Snake Charmers. You probably know where I fit in.

I’m not cocky or cute in writing these words. When the state of Utah passes a bill that made miscarriage a felony and it only escaped becoming law because the governor vetoed the bill, I’m very frightened for the young women of America.

The militias are coming for us, making a travesty of the founding principles of this country. Pope Benedict is close behind. And my alma mater Victoria’s Secret wants women to wear wings so big that we can’t run fast from the exorcist in hot pursuit of the devil in us.

Tea Party Propoganda

This is not the America that I know and love, but it is the America I fear we are becoming.

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America the Beautiful | Rise of the New Right

Is Australian fashion veering off in a new direction here? Military looks are always ‘hot’ in the summer and for transition into fall. Of course, we’re in the opposite season in Australia. Sarah Stephens by Carlotta Moye for Madison Magazine promotes a wholesome version of motherhood in their new issue. More photos Fashion Gone Rogue.

Perhaps the images caught me off guard, having watched the Chris Matthews MSNBC documentary ‘Rise of the New Right’ last evening.

We’ll extend this post after reading the reviews. From our point of view, the documentary read ‘true’.

In fact, I remember driving north out of Boulder, Colo in the late 90s and was stunned to find myself in an America so different from my own values. Hatred and venom filled the airwaves.

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The Big Chill | Will God Govern America?

Today’s Sander Hicks essay The Devil in The Vatican caught my eye.

Hicks writes that having left the Catholic Church for 10 years, he was astounded when he returned, to see just how conservative the Catholic Church is under Pope Benedict.

Last night the Vatican heatedly defended Pope Benedict XVI claiming accusations against his handling of the actions of pedophile priests are part of an anti-Catholic “hate” campaign targeting the pope for his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage. via AP

A shiver went up my spine, reading that any attempt to criticize the Vatican is not permitted, is irreligious and against family values.

The NYT weighs in this morning with Abuse Crisis Strains Vatican’s Ancient Ways of Management, saying:

 … Benedict’s papacy has gone from crisis to crisis points to its difficulties as an ancient institution still struggling with modernity, even though the liberalizing Second Vatican Council in the 1960s was supposed to update the church’s relation to the world. Instead, it is facing the growing pains of a bureaucracy created in the 16th century to contend with the Protestant Reformation and the discovery of the New World. By some lights, it is still grappling with both.

In fact, Pope Benedict and the Cardinals generally intend to roll back Vatican II.

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Georgia Law Proposes 10 Yrs in Jail for Doctors Providing Abortions Based on Race or Gender 

Georgia’s House of Representatives Rules Committee passed in a 7-6 vote a bill that will imprison health care providers for 10 years with a fine of $25,000 for performing an abortion prompted by the baby’s race or gender. Pregnant women would not be held liable.

According to ABC News, 

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