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Ancient Amazon Indians 'Biochar' Suppresses Nitrous Oxide from Cattle

GreenTracker| In early 2010 scientists reported that ‘biochar’ — a material that the Amazonian Indians used to improve soil fertility centuries ago — might be an asset in the fight against global warming. Biochar as charcoal can be produced by heating wood, grass, cornstalks or other organic matter in the absence of oxygen.

This month scientists in New Zealand report that using biochar in the soil could be used to supress nitrous oxide from livestock. Over a period of 86 days biochar effectively suppressed the nitrous oxide patches produced by cattle urine by 70%. The researchers say the addition of biochar into the soil left no detrimental

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Business Leaders Say 'No' To BULB Act Repealing Light Bulb Energy-Saving Law 

GreenTracker| Americans are hoarding incendescent light bulbs as new Federal legislation kicks in beginning in 2012, designed to reduce energy consumption — whether Americans want it or not. Republicans are focused on repealing the order, sponsoring the BULB (Better Use of Light Bulbs) act.

Sen Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky argues that Americans cannot be mandated to do any energy savings and that improved energy standards on appliances have sent jobs overseas.

Appliance and lighting industry representatives and efficiency experts, however, testified that tougher energy-efficiency standards had prompted an industrywide retooling. That retooling, they said, created many thousands of new jobs in the US and increased consumer choice of light bulbs.

“We are proud that our industry is one of the very few US industries that enjoys an over $2 billion positive balance of trade,” said Stephen Yurek, president of the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, a trade association. “We build equipment here in North America and export it to nations around the world.” The manufacturing side of the industry, he said, accounts for 250,000 American jobs, plus 1 million more maintainance, distribution, and installation jobs. via Christian Science Monitor

The National Electric Manufacturers Association doesn’t want BULB passed. They’ve upgraded factories and say that it’s not true that the new legislation bans incandescent light bulbs. Consumers will still be able to purchase an incandescent light bulb, one that is 28 percent more efficient.

As for jobs lost to the new federal regulations,

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New Research Confirms Plants As Indoor Pollution Purifiers

GreenBeings| Sydney’s University of Technology has been studying the efficiency of Janet Craig and Sweet Chico in cleaning up office environments. Janet and Sweet are a great new robotic maid service. The duo is on a far more important mission: cleaning up high airborne concentrations of volatile organic copounds (VOC) in office air.

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Aerosols Currently Contain Negative Impact Of Emissions Argues New Climate Change Research

GreenTracker| New University of Washington research shows that the world is committed to a path of global warming, even if all emissions were stopped right now. Temperatures would remain higher than pre-Industrial Revolution days because the greenhouse gases already emitted will probably persist for thousands of years in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric particles called aerosols actually help to contain global warming by reflecting sunlight back into space.

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