Sob Story | Rachel Maddow | Does John Boehner Cry Wolf?

HopeTracker| Could we agree that any woman trying to lead the free world, who cried in prime time, would be run out of Dodge?

Nevertheless, we’re with Rachel Maddow in sparing the whip for incoming leader of the House of Representatives John Boehner, because we are Smart Sensuality People with Heart. How can we turn our back on tears?

Being women we also know the art of ‘turning on the tears’ to get our way. Or sometimes we are caught up in the symbolism of the moment. Anne cried, for example, watching the QE2 leave New York Harbor for the last time, heading for Dubai via England. 

Despite all Anne’s best wishes for the grand ‘ol girl in her new life in Dubai, one of our favorite babes lies in mothballs, her makeover a victim of global financial madness and funny money.

She wrote: Perfect Marriage | Estrogen for Testosterone in Wall Street: Two Queens and a Dame Show Wall Street the Right Way

Circling back around New York Harbor to Rachel Maddow, we agree that it will be important to separate John Boehner’s tears from the reality of his actions.

Sober Fact From Tearful Fiction

Reminding us that while John Boehner is crying about giving America’s kids a great education, he has “voted against providing health insurance for children (many times), against student aid, against unemployment benefits, against equal pay, against food safety, against money for teachers, against raising the minimum wage, against tobacco education, mine safety, alternative energy, pollution control, whistle-blower protection, science and technology research. If he were making his decisions based on what government programs might help today’s schoolchildren reach their dreams, like the Kennedy- and Johnson-era programs that helped him, his voting record would be very different. It is a deep enough contradiction to make him weep for the future.” via LA Times

Hearing Boehner weep saying that he made a success of himself “working every rotten job there was”, Anne got out the kleenex and began practicing.

“I still cry when I hear America, the Beautiful”. (eyes glistening and welling up. Throat tightens, too.) “I worked from the time I was 12… not because … (small sob and pause) I was poor (longer sob) but because I didn’t want to be at home. (Tears really welling now.)  . . I am proud (unable to speak) to say that I cleaned houses when I was 12 … (sorry, we need a five-minute break) … because even then I was an entrepreneur.  I made $1 an hour for cleaning toilets, twice as much as $.50 for babysitting. (sob, sob, sob).

I worked over 30 hours a week all through high school, 13 days out of 14 … (sob, sob, sob, sob) … and I am proud to say (sob, sob, sob) that I never took a dime in unemployment insurance or welfare. (unable to continue)

Forgive me (sniffles only, backbone strengthening). Even though I made my own way in America, with no help from my parents or the federal government, I have a brain and a heart. And I am a realist who studies charts, numbers and financial documents like operating statements. 

I also know the difference between drama girls and the brainiacs. Oh God, I hope I didn’t offend anybody. How did I do?”

In most modern marriages, a point is reached when the tears don’t work anymore. The crier is just that; a crier. So if it’s OK with you, John Boehner, sharing so much of your passion for the America that used to be, we will be focused on the facts.

Keep crying; it’s good for men to cry. But like Rachel Maddow, the Snake Charmers are getting out the chalk board, running the real numbers in 2011 and telling the facts, not the fabled fiction of life in America today as it could be, if only the government got out of our faces.

Your America is no more; and quite frankly, we share your tears on that critical subject.