Sen Lindsey Graham | The Diplomatic Republican

HopeTracker| South Carolina Republicans will have to wait until 2014 to remove their Senator Lindsey Graham from office. The South Carolina GOP voted to censure him—for the second time in a year. “Sen. Lindsey Graham has repeatedly demonstrated contempt and belligerence towards those members of the Republican Party who support freedom, a constitutional government and the Republican Party platform,” the censure read.

What are the sins of Lindsay Graham? Don’t ask us because we like the man for trying to reach common consensus on America’s problems. More like Congress in the olden days, Graham tries to forge effective legislation with Democrats, without compromising his principles.

On immigration reform, for example, Sen. Graham believes it’s totally unrealistic to believe that the country can deport 12 million illegal immigrants, an effort that would totally paralyze multiple departments of government and probably cause anarchy in the streets. Graham is working on an acceptable form of environmental action with Mass Sen. John Kerry and Conn. Sen. Joe Lieberman. This is a crime in the minds of Teaparty members and the Republican party. For the country, he might be a model that works for both parties. Read on at Newsweek How Lindsey Graham Works the White House