Republicans in Louisiana Will Jail Women for 15 Years Over Abortion

RedTracker| The Republican War on Women has rolled into Louisiana with a new law that will redefine abortion as ‘feticide’ and jail women for 15 years for having a Supreme Court right to abortion. Unapologetically ‘pro-life’ lawmaker Republican state Rep. John LaBruzzo has introduced a bill that would not only ban all abortions in his state — with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother — charging the mother with ‘feticide’ and jailing her for 15 years with hard labor.

Rep. John LaBruzzo agrees that he wants to force the pro-choice forces into taking the case to court, putting Roe vs Wade and a woman’s right to an abortion in America once again in play.

“I would venture to say that Louisiana has probably passed the most unconstitutional laws involving Roe v. Wade,” says Bill Rittenberg, a New Orleans attorney who has worked extensively with the Center for Reproductive Rights on abortion laws in the state. Rittenberg estimates that he’s represented advocates for reproductive rights in about 90 percent of their cases in the state, challenging a litany of laws over the years that sought to limit access to abortions. He says that the state is often a testing ground for some of the more extreme measures in the country because such bills usually pass the legislature. “The crazier it is, the more likely it is to pass,” he says. via Mother Jones