Madonna | Jesus Luz in Rio for Carnival

Jesus Luz & Madonna in RioSame chauffeur, but our top story is from Madonna’s Nov 2009 trip to Rio. Now that the city is hosting the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio is hotter than usual.

Despite all the rampant rumors about Madonna and Jesus Luz splitting, they are together in Rio. Coming the week after a supposed Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt split, the Daily Mail UK is losing their credibility. Truly, websites are just inventing news these days for the sake of Internet eyeballs.

Madonna & Jesus Luz in Rio for Carnivale 2010Madonna’s in Brazil to work on her charity Success for Kids, where she’s heading to Sao Paolo on Thurs. On Friday, Madonna’s scheduled for another tour of Rio’s slums, as a followup to her Nov. 2009 tour. The ‘family’ is staying at Fasano.

Come Sunday and Monday night, it’s samba time in Brazil, when the city becomes a sensual fantasy of bare-breasted dancing queens and for a short time, class differences are minimized.

For more on the slums of Rio and Madonna’s charity, read from Nov 2009. We’ve also posted great photos of Alikcia Keys & Beyonce. Anne

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