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jd Forte’s ‘The Up and Comers’ & A September 11 Women’s Rights Reflection

Anne Rethinks ‘Flawless’, Third-Tier Male Photographers & Values That Matter

Eden Foods Files Suit Against Contraception Mandate, Citing Birth Control As Immoral. PLEASE!!! Anne Says: Don’t Support Eden Foods With Your Wallet!

Scandinavian Women Lead the World in Equality & Governing | Anne Sends Big Hugs to Helsinki, Finland

French Roast News

Why Philadelphia Women Need the Earned Sick Days Bill

Izabel Goulart in Sign from Lilith That Anne Has Religious Morals After All

Gang of 10 Republican NM Women Want to Jail Rape Victims for 3 Years If They Abort

First Lady Michelle Obama in Jason Wu | The Feminine Feminist

Cameron Russell Says Privilege & Insecurity Make Modeling A Bad Career Choice

Islam, Western Guilt, Original Sin & Sensuality | Koray Birand’s Alyssa Miller Images Celebrate Female Eroticism

Is Maison Martin Margiela’s H&M Collaboration Subversive in Nature?

Billionaires Going Rogue 2012 Election | Rise of Superdads | Over My Dead Body | Dating Goes Partisan

GlamTribale Jewelry & Omo Valley People @ Kol Ami Craft Show Oct 13-14 2012

Sailing Towards Ithaca As A Sensual Journey

Australian Ballet Jubilee | Will Davidson | Vogue Australia November 2012 | ‘Heavenly Creatures’

Fashion’s Hippie Love Trend Is Tied to Womanly Cultural Creative Values

50 Years Later, Marilyn Monroe Remains the Ultimate Smart Sensuality Blonde

Alfred Hitchcock’s Obsession: Sienna Miller As Tippi Hedren in ‘The Girl’

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer: Female, 30-Something, Glamorous & Pregnant | Women’s IQs Now Higher Than Men’s

Cosa Bella’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ | Women of Harlot Babylon

Our Jewelry Expresses the Eroticism of Nature & Beauty of Woman

Louis Vuitton’s Yayoi Kusama Celebration | David Austin Roses | Kate Scott Photography

Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’ Will Be Read With Eve Ensler At Michigan Capitol June 18th

Small Town Aryanna Strader Voters Like Cupcake Liners, Too

Catholic Bishops Hats Inspire Coconut Shrimp Recipe

For Sister Margaret Farley Responsible Pleasure Is Not a Sin Calls Out PA (R) Congressman Joseph Pitts, Sponsor of HR 358 ‘Let Women Die’ Bill

Bye Bye to, Karen Teegarden & Anita Doll Fiouris

Tabea Koebach | Seiji Fujimori | The Ground #2 | ‘The Throne’

Elephants are Matriarchal and Kind to Females in the Animal World | Stop the Republican Disgrace of Elephants

Believing in Birth Control Doesn’t Make Me Un-American | 2 Ps in a Pod by Anne

Franca Sozzani: Living Simply and Thinking Big | We Call It Cultural Creative Wisdom

Marloes Horst | Will Davidson | Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2012 | ‘Wanderlust’

Research Review: Are Kids of Gay Parents Better Off With Mom & Imprisoned Dad?

Bro. Dennis on Ultra-Orthodox, Fundamentalist, Extreme Moralists as ‘Evil Incarnate’| 2Ps in a Pod

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Juicy Bits | Kim Cattrall | Crystal Renn | Thomas Hodges | Barbie & Ken | Nicole Kidman

Crystal Renn’s Ford Model Card Calls Her A Size 2 AOC Body | Beauty | Culture

X-posted on SN FP and AOC FP. We have several new articles - images with commentary.

Anne supports Crystal Renn’s continued commitment to exercise and healthy eating, while holding her breath that Renn is maintaining a healthy relationship with food. Old habits come back easily.

Anen comments personally on Jezebel’s assertion this morning that it’s too bad that Kim Cattrall works hard to maintain her figure because Hollywood demands it. Better to eat cake and be happy, says Jezebel. With America’s obesity and health challenges, those words are bad news.

Kim Cattrall’s Diet & Exercise Bring Body Love & Self Respect AOC Health

Read the details of a visually and conceptually exciting new art project from Anne’s friend Thomas Hodges aimed at interpreting China’s recent past.

‘China As Paradise’ | Thomas Hodges & Jason Ellis | ‘Propaganda’ Series of 12  AOC Sensually Yours

We’re a bit skeptical of Ken’s sudden appearance in Barbie’s life. Anne visits Barbie’s new Shanghai store that supposedly is underperforming, according to Forbes. 41% of China’s single women can’t find a man they want to marry, even though China’s gender imbalance is heading towards epic repercussions by 2010.

Back to Ken’s reappearance and memories of Anne’s friend getting married in Las Vegas. Inquiring minds are thinking.

Can Ken Make Shanghai Barbie Store A Global Wedding Destination? AOC Anne Talks Business

New fashion editorials:

Nicole Kidman | Alexi Lubomirski | ‘In Bloom’ | Harper’s Bazaar US February 2011 AOC Living

Tiiu Kuik | Anne Menke | Marie Claire France February 2011 AOC Living


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