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Beauty, Goodness & Self Worth As Female Expressions Of God's Love | 2Ps in a Pod by Anne

Andrea Mary Marshall’s Toxic Women Female Archetypes AOC Private Studio

Dear Bro. Dennis,

When I read your words in this recent post ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’:

The second greatest commandment from the Christian perspective is to, “love your neighbor as yourself”. Authentic love requires the humility to see our selves in the manner in which God has created us. It is essential to identify our individual beauty, viability, goodness and worth in order to see our selves as a reflection of God’s love.

 … they resonate deeply with me. And while no one — including me — can speak for all women, those voices and suppressed thoughts from our readers and millions more women are percolating in my unconscious.

Your own perspective on God’s love is soothing and confidence-building for women. But as I told you, my own experience with learning to love myself was a journey that many — including my own mother — would label an ultimate act of narcissism.

Narcissism in the Search for Self Love

For every enlightened person like yourself, I wonder how many other people would condemn my self-photography project. In my case, the images became an ultimate act of self-exploration and understanding triggered by my friend Bill. Sharing photos of me completely clothed and snapped in front of the bathroom mirror, he asked me about cropping my images. 

At first I denied the cropping (I wasn’t taking the time to do any retouching, which I can also do in Photoshop.) But when he then said “Anne, images don’t come out of your camera 3.7” by 5.2”,” there was no place to hide. His next words cemented our connection to each other for many years: “Anne, I’m no psychiatrist, but it seems to me that if you don’t like something about yourself, you just chop it off. Aren’t you symbolically cutting yourself into little pieces? It’s a form of dismemberment.”

His words were scorching. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, I confronted the reality that after all my years of success, accomplishment, and therapy to learn to love myself — my reality was that I loathed the woman in the mirror. Why? Yes, the years of intense physical and emotional abuse; yes, being judged and denied communion by the priest after my sexual assault. Yes, hearing my mother say that if the assault even happened — since my attacker insisted that I made the whole thing up — I caused it, because I must always be the center of attention.

Standing in front of the mirror, I saw decadence and shame over my sexuality, which at any weight and age has always by part of my persona. For all your words of wisdom about treating our bodies as temples, which we have agreed will be the focus on my post, I loathed mine.

My body was decadent and disgusting; and I grieved that such an intelligent mind could be attached to such an imperfect, polluted physical form. The physical blows of physical abuse recede from memory long before the words. When abuse attacks every aspect of our physical selves, those are the words that confront us in the mirror.

The Lens Doesn’t Lie, or Does It?

It was at this moment, early in 2004 that I picked up the camera and launched a deep exploration of myself, one that included every aspect of my physicality. I snapped the lens continuously for months — clothes on and clothes off — until I made peace with the corporeal nature of the woman I faced every morning.Daily exercise became part of my life and the pounds melted away.

Almost on cue, Andrea Mary Marshall’s toxic women female archetypes art works appeared this morning. I was so obsessed with them that I left the water boiling on the stove for an hour and nearly scorched my tea pot. Her images remind us of the many conflicting messages that women receive from brands, marketing, moms, community leaders, dads, religious figures, teachers, husbands, lovers … the nonstop list of inputs determining who and what women are supposed to be.

Nowhere do these images say “It is essential to identify our individual beauty, viability, goodness and worth in order to see our selves as a reflection of God’s love.” These images are all about making us into something else, improving women with the right hand while condemning us for being vain with the left.

It’s easy for you and I to tell women to find their own inner beauty and to believe that God loves us and our corporeal nature, that we have beautiful soft skin and smiles for a reason. The reality is that the messages condemning female physicality and beauty come not only in the form of commercialism and parental child abuse or bullying at school. Those messages come from many of our religious institutions.

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'What's Love Got to Do With It?' | 2Ps in a Pod by Bro. Dennis

Morfium prior collection by Dusan JaukovicDear Anne,

Delving more deeply into the content of your blog post, I recognized the pattern of healing revealed in your dream, which existed before the dream. Pretty cool! You are Anne of “today” and your dream of falling into the elevator shaft and emerging alive was the manifestation of who you are in the “now”.

I suppose that is obvious to the reader, but I found it particularly insightful; like an image being photographed. As the image—you existed before the photograph. Your dream enabled you to be aware of the epiphany. Similarly, beauty or other existing attributes within us can be hidden from our awareness. This is where the power of projection can enable us to see what is otherwise concealed (as I shared in my last post).

In our more formative years when we fell prey to the abusive words and actions of those we loved, trusted or admired, the experience can cause an indelible and tragic affect—following us through life. Not until we become self-aware are we able to exchange the lies for truth.

What’s love got to do with it? ~ Tina Turner

“Love is not a second hand emotion”, as Tine Turner sang in 1986. Healthy, balanced relationships of intimacy and longevity can only bring fulfillment when two people give and receive from each other.

The spiritual energy that is generated from such selfless activity is fundamentally the life source that fulfills our being and of which the sum of energy is greater than its two sources. This type of relationship requires the maturity fashioned through the healing journey of self-awareness.

The second greatest commandment from the Christian perspective is to, “love your neighbor as yourself”. Authentic love requires the humility to see our selves in the manner in which God has created us. It is essential to identify our individual beauty, viability, goodness and worth in order to see our selves as a reflection of God’s love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-13 is the love “litmus test” we can apply to any and all relationships! In one degree or another, these attributes need to be familiar to a relationship. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “not at all” and 10 “all the time”, if the following attributes are not expressed above a level of 5, there will be issues if not failure in the relationship:

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Br. Dennis on Dreams, Healing & Falling into the Elevator Shaft

Neva Rok & Nevena Gicevic | Dusan Jaukovic | Morfium ‘Chasing Dreams’ AOC Private Studio

Dear Anne,

Your voice reaches into my heart and spirit, calling forth myriad of spiritual premises.  They have fused together forming the core of my deepest convictions in knowing.  So far, my life’s journey has revealed spiritual threads weaving through ideologies, philosophies, rituals and behavior.  Conversely, in fulfilling my vocation that was conceived as a child, I have made every attempt to accomplish the tasks that has moved my will through the darkest of times. In light of our communications, I have found an opportunity through 2Ps in a Pod to be a vehicle that enables a much-bridled experience to be used in service to others.  Thank you for this gift.

Engaged in your writing, I was unsure of your destination of thought.  Completing the read, I was awash with nimble responses from my heart (affected by four decades of relationships—the good, the bad and the excruciating) and spirit (steeped within my life of prayer and Carmelite tradition of spirituality and mysticism) though unsure of which portion of your experience to engage. (Note: Bro. Dennis will write more than one post, focused on Anne’s Profane & Profound Unite for Easeamine Skincare Beauty.)

Most vulnerable, yet simple, would be my understanding of your dream, which easily could be wrought with error.  The vulnerability lay in the approach of my understanding.  Accordingly, I discern your dream through an intuitive/discursive approach that emerges from within.

Here’s to jumping into the water—head first!  

On Dreams

Dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious/hidden aspects of our mind (intellect), heart, spirit and or soul.  Being composed of such elements, our nature beckons our existence to healing, wholeness and truth.  Avoiding, deflecting or repressing our primordial need for wholeness results in dysfunctional patterns of behavior, which are often times self-destructive.

Truth and fear are pervasive in their ability to influence our responses and reactions to circumstances.  When we respond, we are “in control” and are capable of accessing the inner resources of our intellect, heart, spirit and soul.  However, when we react, we are “not in control” and inclined to repeat dysfunctional patterns of behavior steeped in the history that was handed down to us by those who tended to our years of dependence on being nurtured.

Love As A Powerful Virtue

Love is the most powerful virtue and attribute that exist in life.  It is a pivotal experience and expression that affects us at a time in our early life between birth and five years old (not exclusively).  The effect has direct influence over our ability to give and receive—relative to relationship. It also has a compelling force over our conscious or unconscious choice to actively love regardless of the circumstances.

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Easeamine's Bro Dennis-Anthony To Blog With Anne

Brother Dennis–Anthony after he got off the phone with Anne. Just kidding.Background: In 2009 Anne became acquainted with the Easeamine skin care products and goals of Bro Dennis-Anthony’s Carmelite Laboratories LLC. She began using the product with visible and significant results and also wrote about Easeamine in her usual honest way. Reconciling her love of Easeamine and writing truthfully about “fashion to flogging” wasn’t problematic for Anne, but she felt certain that her ferocious response to a few comments got her tossed off Bro Dennis’ radar that summer.

Two years elapsed. A week ago Easemine’s president Paul Menard reached out to Anne again. Not only was our woman warrior not banished from their comunity but the guys wanted her to support the Easeamine project going forward. “Do you understand Anne of Carversvile?” she asked. “Indeed, we do,” was their response. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Anne pressed again, a bit incredulous. “I’m not changing my content or my fierce voice to stay out of trouble.”

When the phone rang Monday morning, Anne assumed the call was from Paul Menard. Not so. Brother Dennis-Anthony was on the line, leaving Anne swinging between disbelief and tears for the next 90 minutes. As you can see from his exhuberant excitement above, the call went well between the two of them. (Sorry, fibbing.)

Pressing Anne to personal action beyond promoting Easeamine, Bro Dennis-Anthony suggested a joint blog. “You will be crucified, no disrespect intended,” she replied. He was serious, relentlessly enthusiastic and if you speak for five minutes with Bro Dennis, you, too, will be infected with his determination to change the world.

The Prior kept his promise, penning his first post that afternoon. We’ve decided to call their blog 2Ps in a Pod, and Anne will explain conceptually why she chose that name, when she writes her response to Bro Dennis, due Saturday. In all honesty, this new blog may become one of the more interesting exchanges on the Internet. Fasten your seat belts, she likes driving fast.

2Ps in a Pod | Anne & Bro Dennis Wyrzykowski

Dear Anne,

It was a welcomed delight to speak and connect with you over the telephone this morning. Infrequently do I keenly respond to an individual as I have with you through our 90 minute conversation. Having our anti-aging Easeamine Product Line as the string that united us, I am grateful that God has provided this opportunity.

You moved my heart and spirit by your humble and passionate approach to truth, which compels me to engage in regular dialogue with you. I enter this relationship whole-heartedly, making me extremely vulnerable. However, only by expressing myself in such a manner, will I continue to grow as a brother/monk.

As you know, I am the Prior of a small ecumenical Carmelite (a spiritual tradition formally established in 13th century Israel based in prayer, relationship and fellowship) community of consecrated men, women and lay members. We are dedicated to prayer and service. One of our goals is to help people help themselves through education and other outreach programs. I developed Carmel Laboratories LLC, the creator of Easeamine, to help support my monastery and ministry.

In 1981, I embraced the traditional vows of poverty, chastity and obedience within my community. Throughout these years of following my tradition within the Catholic Church, I have witnessed the sanctity of individuals like Mother Teresa of Calcutta and also the contrary.

Brother Dennis–Anthonyi at prayer.Walking Where Angels Do Actually Hang Out

What attracts me to collaborate with you is the chance to dialog with main street America — and your global audience, too — in a provocative, but artistic setting. I long to express universal truths and spirituality that cross barriers of culture and belief without judgment.


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Selling Easeamine: Compared to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Perricone's Anti-Aging Wrinkle-fighting System; and Intelligent Nutrients

Updated on Fri, July 31, 2009 by Registered CommenterAnne

Today, I continue my discussion of Easeamine dual-purpose wrinkle cream, a second followup to the Cultural Creative story that I wrote in April Divine Intervention? Easeamine Dual Purpose Skin Cream Fights Wrinkles on Behalf of the Haves and the Have Nots.

Golden Peony via Flickr’s judy stalusThis article follows last week’s Easeamine Anti-Winkle Cream: Beyond Divine Intervention, What Do We Know about the Product?

I have no interest in Easeamine and am writing extensively on the product, because Google has “married” me to Easemine in both Google search and Google images, with a prime position.

With so much Easeamine search traffic, I feel obligated to write more investigative journalism about the product?

I have no relationship to Easeamine and I don’t want the perception that I endorse the product. I do intend to use the product and will track its impact on my own face, which has no botox or filler for 18 months.

Our intention today is to evaluate the Easeamine customer experience, because we know little about the product itself. Last week I wrote about the before and after photo results of Easeamine, which appear sound.

Because there is so little information on the Easeamine website, I proposed evaluating the customer experience of researching and buying the product with a similar experience at three other small beauty companies: Dr. Hauschka, Dr. Perricone’s Anti-aging Wrinkle-fighting System, and Intelligent Nutrients.

In fairness to Easeamine, the other beauty companies are ostensibly owned by professionals with extensive expertise in the beauty business of fighting wrinkles and developing new products.

Nevertheless, Easeamine is asking us to pay $65 for their dual purpose skin cream.

Much as we applaud the Carmelite’s industry in using such a sophisticated product to “do good” in their community, we are concerned about the lotions and potions that we’re putting on our faces. How does Easeamine stand up against other competitors, in selling us their product?

Looking at: Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Perricone MD, and Intelligent Nutrients, how do these companies stand up against Easeamine in answering these critical questions for online shoppers? In each case I’ve chosen a similar product to Easeamine, but NOT one to replace it.

We are not examining product efficacy claims but how the online selling experience is organized in similar products.


Who is the person(s) sponsoring the product? Is there a doctor?

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Easeamine Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Beyond Divine Intervention, What Do We Know About the Product?

Updated on Fri, July 31, 2009 by Registered CommenterAnne

On April 22, 2009 I wrote a post on wrinkle cream and activism: Divine Intervention? Easeamine Dual Purpose Skin Cream Fights Wrinkles on Behalf of the Haves and the Have Nots.

In yet another act of Divine Intervention, Anne of Carversville is receiving major web traffic from readers searching for information about Easeamine.

Our rank today in both Google search and Google images puts us right under the Easeamine website, in an Easeamine Google search.

My post today on Easeamine isn’t focused on the creative activism of Carmelites in Massachusetts.

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