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Anne's GlamTribale Jewelry Now in Full Swing


It’s fair to say that I’ve done a really lousy job of keeping my own bio updated. So much has happened since I last wrote in this journal. There’s not time to post a full update now either.

Simply stated, we now have a new business GlamTribale jewelry, finally launched at the end of July. Thankfully, we launched it at a food and spirits show in Lancaster, Pa. While folks were having an orgasm over the beauty of the jewelry, they had a glass in one hand and a plate of food in the other.

Only I saw everything that was wrong with the jewelry — and it was a lot. In my career, I have always been the merchant, the creative director, the head of product development. Blessed with a keen eye, good taste, and strong sense of how to build and cost merchandise, one set of skills I don’t have is a degree in design.

Truthfully, I was kicked out of art class in 7th grade and put in an advanced math class that was a pilot project in my school. “It’s great for you,” my teacher told me. “This is a fantastic exerimental class out of Princeton or some other Ivy League school. And beside, you’re not creative.”

Indeed, I was told by my 7th grade teacher that I am not creative.The things we say to our children. Her words haunted me for decades.

Truthfully, though, I haven’t excelled at making things until now. I had design staffs that made them for me — and I still do. But in August 2012 I said “how hard can this be”, and I began making jewelry like a mad woman. Jaws dropped around me, as I drove the design and quality expectations bar through the roof. 

Then I hated the GlamTribale website. Surely, I’ve written here that web developers and I are like vinegar and water. Honestly, I loathe them at this point. So I redid the entire website myself, as I am constantly tinkering with Anne of Carversville.

The website is now fully loaded after reshooting the product THREE times. It wasn’t until I said: “Anne, if this jewelry website was lingerie instead, what would it look like?” Eureka! I got it.

There is so much to write about what’s happening with me — I’ll try to fill in the blanks this week. You can follow GlamTribale on its website and also in a GlamTribale blog here on AOC. This has been the toughest two years of my life, but 2013 will be different. I love our websites; readers love us; and now it’s time to monetize all our hard work. ~ Anne

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Anne Enke Bio, Career & Evolution As a Writer

SUMMARY: Anne Enke is a Fortune 500 women’s lifestyle trends researcher, sensual product design and marketing expert, and Internet website writer/entrepreneur, living in New York City. Anne helps clients and readers of her websites understand the demographic, attitudinal, and cultural issues that contribute to women’s lifestyle choices, and the products and services that support them.

A 10-year veteran of Victoria’s Secret Stores, Ms Maverick was a key player in building one of America’s most powerful women’s brands. After managing a $50 million business unit, Anne created the first product development unit at Victoria’s Secret, followed by the first fashion office and design studio. She also co-produced the first two VS fashion shows.

Anne left her position at Victoria’s Secret to focus more intimately on the evolution of women’s lifestyles in America, and around the world. Not a pure academic, Anne’s trends and analysis form the foundation for clients’ business strategies and new business development. Follow up consulting is available to clients. celebrates the European art of living a sensual lifestyle. It also serves as Anne’s personal online journal and a source of articles for understanding the new Smart Sensuality woman. is repositioned to speak to consumers and business directly on marketing trends, fashion editorial and ad campaigns of an increasingly erotic nature. Not as intellectual as AOC, Sensuality News is more erotic.

For information on Anne’s Presentations and Public Speaking Topics:

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